"FuN" family courses

“FuN” for the whole family

“FuN” stands for “Family and Neighbourhood”. It is a programme for families who want to get to know each other and families from the neighbourhood better.

Over a period of 7 weeks, up to 6 families meet weekly to experience family time together with the FuN team: This involves playing games together, there are creative tasks and moderated discussion rounds with other parents. At the end of the meetings there is a joint meal.

Parents can consciously take time for their children and strengthen or improve family relationships. Children enjoy the undivided attention of their parents and playtime with other children from the neighbourhood. In the exchange with other parents, parents experience that not everything runs perfectly in other families either and can make new contacts in the neighbourhood. After the end of the FuN course, families have the opportunity to continue meeting regularly at the family centre for the “family circle”.

Mothers and/or fathers with their child/children can take part, but grandparents are also welcome. Participation is free of charge. FuN and FuN Baby courses are offered regularly at our family centres in Grünau and Paunsdorf.

The FuN programme was developed by praepaed (Institute for Preventive Pedagogy) in Detmold.

Donations for happy families

We rely on donations to run the “FuN” courses. Thanks to your support, we have been able to run the “FuN”-Baby course in our Paunsdorf Family Centre since 2016 and accompany and support parents with their up to 18-month-old children for eight weeks. Would you also like to give parents and children the chance to experience a happier family life together? For example, 25 euros can finance a family’s participation in one of the 8 course days.

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